Choose a Trait, Choose a Name

Compiled by Lexi Walters

Do you know all about the signs and stages of pregnancy, but still have to choose a name? Try choosing a baby name that corresponds to a trait you’d like your child to have.

How do you raise an athlete? Give your baby a name that’s associated with being active, of course! We kid, but there are definitely certain names that evoke distinct personality traits. In their book The Baby Names Survey Book (Meadowbrook Press), Bruce Lansky and Barry Sinrod take a look at thousands of names, define them and trace their origins, as well as note what popular traits are associated with that name. Here’s a sampling of their name and trait findings. You can see hundreds of others at

Trait: Active

Names: Abe, Austin, Alex, Bjorn, Brian, Brett, Casey, Chris, Connor, Daniel, Dena, Dirk, Garrison, Jed, Josie, Kirby, Lynne, Marcus, Natalia, Riley, Rory, Tanner, Wes, Yvan

Trait: Popular

Names: Ali, Aubrey, Austin, Bing, Bo, Brant, Carly, Casper, Charlie, Cole, Dante, Demi, Dolly, Eric, Freddie, Gwen, Ivy, Jalisa, Joel, K.C., Kelvin, Khalil, Kristi, Lila, Luke, Mallory, Millie, Opal, Ogden, Russ, Sandy, Skyler, Sunny, Taylor

Trait: Attractive

Names: Adam, Adrienne, Alonso, Antoine, Bart, Beau, Becca, Callie, Cain, Damien, Dee Dee, Elise, Erol, Fawn, Greta, Grant, Honey, Humphrey, Kipp, Kitty, Leah, Logan, Mariah, Marlo, Naomi, Nicholas, Porsha, Rene, Rod, Sergio, Simone

Trait: Kind

Names: Abby, Alonso, Barnabas, Brooks, Cecil, Charity, Delbert, Dwight, Ellie, Eve, Frances, Ginny, Heloise, Josh, Kendra, Linda, Mara, Norma, Rob, Shauna, Sue, Todd, Waldo, Wesley, Yetta

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