Celebrity Parents & Babies

Compiled by Lexi Walters

Get ideas for baby names from celebrities, then find out what the stars’ and their kids’ names mean.

 Babies are a hot accessory in Hollywood, and these star parents extend their style even to their children’s names. Here are 14 stars, their babies’ names, and their monikers’ meanings.


Dads: John (Hebrew, “God is gracious”) Travolta, Ben ( Hebrew, “son”) Stiller
Daughters: Ella (Old English, “beautiful fairy woman”)

Mom: Courtney (Old English, “from the court “) Cox-Arquette
Daughter: Coco

Mom: Sarah (Hebrew, “princess”) Jessica (Hebrew, “wealthy”) Parker
Son: James (Hebrew, "one who supplants")

Mom: Mary (Hebrew, “bitter”)-Louise (Old German, “famous woman warrior”) Parker
Son: William (Old German, “determined guardian”)

Mom: Soledad (Spanish, “solitary, health”) O'Brien
Son: Charlie (Old German manly, strong)

Dad: Tom (Aramaic-Hebrew, “twin”) Hanks
Son: Chester (Old English, “from the fortified camp”)

Mom: Tracey (Greek, “brave”) Ullman
Daughter: Mabel (Latin, “lovable”)

Mom: Susan (Hebrew, “lily”) Sarandon
Daughter: Eva (Hebrew, "to live")

Mom: Reese (Welsh, “ardent one”) Witherspoon
Daughter: Ava (Latin, “birdlike”)

Mom: Debra (Hebrew, “bee”) Messing
Son: Roman (Latin, “from Rome”)

Moms: Liv (Latin, “olive tree”) Tyler, Sherry Stringfield, Camryn (Scottish Gaelic, “crooked nose”) Manheim
Sons: Milo (Old German, “merciful”)

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